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Xeta is a research based expert house providing state of the art management consultancy to major multi-national companies, organisations and public bodies around the world.

We are a recognised leading-edge analyst providing research and problem solving in business and management with specialisms in complex quantitative analysis in Corporate Structure and Strategy and particularly as applied to Marketing and Market Research, Supply Chain Design and Management, Operational Efficiency, Human Resources, Mergers and Acquisitions, Joint Ventures and other complex Strategic Alliances.

Xeta's client base ranges from foodstuffs to Oil and petrochemicals through to computer software, financial services, industrial consumables, the applied environ-mental sciences and many other sectors.

Our clients include some of the largest multinational public companies and public bodies and also several focused domestic / local and 'boutique' niche firms. Some are in traditional 'smoke-stack' industries and agriculture and others are at the leading-edge of pharmaceutical, scientific and other 'new-technology' products.

Our staff and associates are acknowledged experts in their respective fields and we have infrastructure facilities and affiliates in numerous countries.

We welcome the opportunity to serve clients in new and challenging environments and the more complex a challenge might be the better we like it with the certainty that... 'there exists at least one solution'

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